Using “LEAP” Is Helping Minimise Client Costs

Gone are the days of Solicitors having to carry heavy briefcases and large folders full of documents. Technology has enabled Solicitors and their clients to share and collaborate across multiple documents with single, handheld devices such as tablets or laptops.

For The Client

As clients become more adept at using cloud technology and increasingly reliant on it, law firms are expected to offer a quicker, more efficient, service as standard. In addition, as clients express a wish for their documents to be handled sensitively and securely, the market demand for this readily available technology is making it a necessity rather than a choice for legal practices to provide up-to-date document-sharing technology to their clients.

In 2017, the inaugural year of “LawConnect”, the document-sharing system, over 63,000 documents were shared with clients by more than 800 law firms. This is a clear indication that law firms are adopting the technology offered within the LEAP practice management solution.

Part of the attraction to clients in using systems such as LawConnect is that they can expect better document security and version control than email can offer. Also, Solicitors and clients can collaborate in real-time by storing, sharing, reviewing and refining documents. No matter what the size of the file the process is simple – documents can be instantly accessed from anywhere at any time by the client and from any web-enabled device.

For Your Fee-Earners

Solicitors are also starting to demand shared document technology because of the added benefits it can bring to a legal practice. Feature-rich technology enables a solicitor to see if a client has viewed a document, access shared documents instantly, and revoke access to documents, if necessary.

Offering clients instant access to their documents and case files means that all parties can locate the latest version quickly and review, collaborate and respond accordingly.  An additional benefit to using LawConnect is the system integrates seamlessly with LEAP’s legal practice management platform. Solicitors can share documents directly from within the electronic matter.

Marlborough Law are pleased to be using this system in our aims for better transparency to our clients with lower costs through better efficiency.